What are the mistakes one should avoid while preparing for skill test of SSC stenographer?

  • The first and the foremost thing that one needs to do is more and more
    and more practice of shorthand passages and even more important is
    it’s transcription. (Mistakes most people Commit – People often
    transcribe all the passages written, but in overconfidence, don’t
    compare the typed material with the original one – this is the most
    important thing to do. Count each and every mistake as full (1) mistake.
    Even the mistake of comma should be counted by you as Full (1) so that
    you may achieve excellency. Taking your mistakes from 70–80 to 10–20
    will boost confidence.
  • Try to be more concentrated.
  • Write the same dictation 3–4 times for accuracy. Don’t demotivate
    yourself if you find difficulty someday writing dictations. It happens with
  • Try to read the dictation fast using all punctuations.
  • Using comma has been a debatable point since a while. But, I
    understand that it ‘must be’ used. Not using comma in a particular
    sentence can totally change the meaning of that line. It is a must. Don’t
    skip this important thing because it’ll take some efforts or merely
    because someone has told you not to use. Even 0.1% more mistakes in
    skill can destroy your future and your dreams. You must practice using
  • Using pen or pencil is the matter that is to be decided by the individual.
    Writing with pencil as it gives handy outlines for fast reading.
  • Reading is yet another important point. One should practice reading
    800 words’ passage in less than 5–6 minutes (minimum). Don’t skip
    reading because you have confidence that you wrote the passage well.
  • Then comes the transcribing portion – Keep full concentration while
    transcribing. People often skip lines while transcribing. Use scale
    method. It takes time but is very useful.
  • Transcribing the whole passage in good time will help you check your
    typed material with your notepad (must check). Practise at home to
    transcribe a passage of 800 words in maximum 25 minutes and 1000
    words in 30–35 (maximum time).
  • Write, transcribe, compare, count mistakes and work on those mistakes,
    you’ll be the master of shorthand
  • And in the last, be confidant, be cool don’t overthink at the time of skill.
    You’ll definitely get through.

I wish the reader reach the day of his skill test. Believe me, you’ll love the journey. All the

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