Prime Minister Shram Awards – 2014

Union Ministry of Labour and Employment announced the Prime Minister Shram Awards for the year 2014. There are nine nominations for the Shram Bhushan Award, Nineteen nominations for Shram Vir or Shram Veerangana and twenty six nominations for Shram Shree or Shram Devi Awards.

Even though, the total number of Shram Awards is 32, the number of workers receiving the awards is 54 which Included 3 women, as some of the awards have been shared by workers and/or teams of workers consisting of more than one worker. These include 36 workers from the public sector and 18 workers from the private sector.

Shram awards were set up by the Union Government in 1985 to recognize the outstanding contributions of workers in both public and private sectors.


This is the highest award (one in number) among the Shram Awards and carries a cash award of 2 lakh rupees with a Sanad. For the year 2014, this prestigious award was not awarded to any one as screening committee did not consider any nominee eligible for the award.


Total number of these awardees is nine. It carries a cash award of one lakh rupees and a Sanad. Nine nominations were found suitable for the award for the year 2014 in respect of Public Sector Undertaking and Private Sector.

And Shram Veer/Veerangana awards carry a cash prize of 60000 rupees and a Sanad. Shram Shree/Devi Awards comprise of a cash prize of 40000 rupees and a Sanad.


The objective of the Prime Ministers Shram Awards is to recognize the outstanding contributions made by workmen as defined in the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 in organizations both in  public and private sector and who have distinguished record of performance, devotion to duty of a high order, specific contribution in the field of productivity, proven innovative abilities, presence of mind and exceptional courage and also to the workmen who have made supreme sacrifice of laying down their lives in the conscientious discharge of their duties.

The Awards will be presented to the workmen as defined in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 and employed in the Departmental Undertakings of the Central and State Governments, Central and State Public Sector Undertakings as also private sector and having minimum of 500 employees on roll and engaged in manufacturing and productive processes and whose performance is assessable. Workmen solely engaged in routine service duties would not be eligible.

1. Coverage should be given to the workers in all sectors of industry.  Persons working in important Departmental/Undertakings like those under the Department of Defence Production and Supplies, Ministry of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises etc. should be given adequate coverage.

2. Adequate representation would be given to women and handicapped workers who have made outstanding contributions in the areas specified above.

3. The organizations recommending their workmen for the “PRIME MINISTER’S SHRAM AWARDS” should satisfy themselves regarding the eligibility of the workman for this prestigious National Award and issue a certificate to that effect under the signature and seal of the Head of the Organization/Chief Executive Officer where the workman is employed