World’s Great personalities

Who’s who
Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1980- 1988) Also called “Frontier Gandhi” because he organized the people of the north-west Frontier Province(NWFP) of undivided India (now merged with Pakistan) on Gandhian principles. He was a staunch Congress man who called himself a solider of the freedom struggle. His admirers called him Badshah Khan. He was awarded as Bharat Ratna in 1987.
Arundhati Roy (b.1960) Noted Indian writer, environmentalist and social activist. She became first Indian to win Booker Prize for her book, The God of Small Things. She was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize in 2004.
Abdul Rehman Tunku (1903- 73) The Malaysian statesman, and the first prime minister, who negotiated with the British for the independence of Malaysia.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) The 16th president of USA, who succeeded in abolishing slavery. He was re-elected as president in 1864 and assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in 1865.
Abu-Bakr ( AD 573- 634) Abu-Bakr, a leading general of prophet Mohammed, was the first Caliph of the Muslim empire and ruled from AD 632. He made Islam a political and military force in Arabia.
Abul Fazal (1561- 1602) The author of Ain-i- Akbari and Akbarnama. He was the celebrated Mughal court poet, and prime minister during Akbar’s reign.
Adolf Hitler (1889- 1945) The Austria- Born German dictator who influenced the course of history in the 20th Century. He served in the German army in World War I. He later founded the Nazi party and become Chancellor in 1933.