New batch for Stenography Exam Live Course Offline Lecture at Dadar Mumbai from 05-08-2021

 Consistency is the key to success . Consistency leads to habits .Habits form the action we take every day . Action leads to success . If you want to achieve success in anything you must be consistence about it .
 Stenography also require consistency . Stick to it for 2 years with consistency hard work in the right direction and you will be through.

Now – what to do

• Do typing daily
• Transcribe daily- study daily – divide time as per the need.
• It should be full preparation for any exam which comes on your way.
• Apply in all vacancies even clerk or stenographer
• Appear with full preparation or if not prepared test yourself
• Keep yourself busy and occupied in the process
• Read newspaper or gk magazines
• Listen to the news daily
• Lay down your own daily target and achieve those
• At the end of the day analyse or audit yourself whether you have utilised your time effectively .
• If you are able to manage your day ,you can manage your life . Nobody can stop you from going ahead –only you can