Q1.  My cousin brother is a cheater (a)/ and he (b)/ cheats his family members and friends too. (c)/ No error (E)

Q2.  We should not be(a)/ miserly in giving alm (b)/ to the beggars.(c)/ No error(d)

Q3. To provide more such facility (a)/ to its workers, the company (b)/ is planning to build(c)/ schools and parks in the township.(d)/ No error(e)

Q4. He left (b)/ his luggages (b)/ at the railway station (c)/ No Error

Q5. The police have arrested (a)/ the thieves but they failed(b)/ to get any information(c)/ about the valuable stolen.(d)/ No error(e)

Q6. He should understand (a)/ that Ethics make(b)/ the basis of life good.(c)/ No error(d)

Q7. Success in money-making (a)/ is not always (d)/ a good criteria (c)/ of real success in life. (d)/ no error (e)

Q8. The gentry (a)/of our colony (b)/ was invited (c)/ to attend the meeting. (d)/ no error (e).

Q9. The meeting will not end (a)/till the chairman (b)/ gets approval from (c)/every members of the board.(d)/no error (e)

Q10. William Shakespeare is (a)/ known for his dramas (b)/ more than his poetries.(c)/ No error(d)

Q11. One of my most (a)/ widely spread (b)/ bad habit (c)/ is the use of tobacco. (d)/ no error (e)

Q12. The judge issued (a)/ summon to the chairman (b)/ of the company because he(c)/ did not obey the honorable court.(d)/ No error(e)

Q13. The chairman and (a)/ all the members of (b)/ committee were present (c)/ in meeting of today.(d)/ No error(e)

Q14. I saw only (a)/ five police who(b)/ were running after(c)/ the bank-robbers.(d)/ No error(e)

Q15. He says that(a)/ a two-miles walk(b)/ always keeps him(c)/ healthy and fresh

Q16. There were no surprises (a)/ in the second bimonthly monetary policy (b)/ announcement by the (c)/ Reserve Bank of India. (d)/ No error. (e)Q17. When you see his(a)/ offsprings, you can’t(b)/ believe that he is(c)/ above seventy.(d)/ No error(e)

Q18. These type of books(a)/ are certainly helpful to the students(b)/ preparing for the Banking(c)/ Service Examinations.(d)/ No error(e)

Q19. Very few soldiers dared(a)/ to turn a deaf ear(b)/ their commander’s-in-chief order.(c)/ No error(d)

Q20. You should always be(a)/ true to your words if(b)/ you are to succeed in life.(c)/ No error(d)Q21. Without taking pain (a)/ one cannot progress in life(b)/ so we must keep this fact(c)/ in our mind.(d)/ No error(e)

Q22. Doctors did (a)/their best to save (b) the lifes of the (c)/accident victims. (d)/ No error (e)

Q23. Two and a half hour (a)/ have passed since (b)/ I returned from my village. (c)/ no error (d)

Q24. The rich is getting (a)/ richer and richer and (b)/ the poor are getting (c)/ poorer and poorer.(d)/ no error (e) Q25. I want you must (a)/ put your sign here (b)/ so that I may (c)/ accept your papers. (d)/ No error (e)

Q26. I am sure that (a)/ he cannot walk ever one(b)/ and a half kilometer.(c)/ No error(d)

Q27. If you have a way with words (a)/ (b) a good sense of design and administration ability / (c) you may enjoy working in high pressure world of advertising. /(d) No erroR

Q28. On Saturdays, (a)/ (b) students are suggested / (c) to wear white pants. / (d) No error

Q29. All his sister-in-laws (a)/ are extremely beautiful(b)/ to look at so the question(c)/ of selection is very puzzling.(d) No error(e)

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