Analogy Exercise For CAT, SNAP and CET Exams


a.Offender : Order
b.Atheist : faith
c.Deserter : duty
d.Adherent : rule
e.Differ : hero

a.Lion : Circus
b.Bear : Cave
c.Pig : sty
d.Hare : Burrow
e.Rodent : silo

a.Worry : Check
b.Tremble : Menace
c.Slouch : Alertness
d.Reprimand : Censure
e.Glower : Agony

a.Match : Player
b.Picnic : forest
c.Throng : Person
d.Dog : Puppy
e.Vase : Bloom

a.Credulous : Convinced
b.Reliable : Disproved
c.Immoral : Suppressed
d.Impersonal : Described
e.Taunting : Amused

a.Export : Factory
b.Exile : Nation
c.Escape : penitentiary
d.Vacate : Building
e.Dodge : Taxes

a.River bed : Sand
b.Star : Twinkling
c.Laceration : Wound
d.Heat : sunburn
e.Rain : Overcoat

a.Volcano : Eruption
b.Antibiotic : Injection
c.Yeast : Fermentation
d.Oxygen : treatment
e.Trees : Deforestation

a.Aggressor : Compromise
b.Property owner : Deed
c.Editor : Byline
d.Elector : Vote
e.Librarian : volume

a.Pitch : Frequency
b.Diameter : Circumference
c.Angle : Acuteness
d.Power : Generation
e.String : Vibration


1.C          2.C          3.D         4.C          5.A         6.B         7.D         8.C          9.B        10.A      

  1. (DEFINITION ) An apostate is one who has abandoned his faith; a deserter is one who has abandoned his duty. (C)
  2. (HABITAT ) An aviary is where one grows birds; a sty is where one grows pigs. (C)
  3. (SYNONYM VARIANT ) (From a reference to the first words in the choices, we can infer that jeer is used as a verb in this question.) When one jeers ( meaning mocks or abuses) criticizes) another person, he shows his censure ( meaning disapproval ) (D)
  4. (COLLECTIVE NOUN) A swarm means a large number of insects; a throng means a large number of persons. (C)
  5. (DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC ) An irascible (meaning easily angered ) person can be easily provoked; a credulous (meaning disposed to believe readily ) person can be easily convinced. (A)
  6. (CAUSE AND EFFECT ) A person expelled from school cannot reenter ti; a person exiled (meaning banished legally) from a country cannot reenter it. (B)
  7. (CAUSE AND EFFECT) Severity of cold causes frostbite: severity of heat causes sunburn. (D)
  8. (CAUSE AND EFFECT) Bacteria are minute organisms which cause decomposition: yeasts are minute organisms which cause fermentation (meaning chemical reaction induced by living organisms). (C)
  9. (SYMBOL AND MEANING) The word deed’ means ‘title deed’ to a property) The diploma forms proof that one is a graduate; the deed forms proof that one is a property owner. (B)
  10. (UNIT OF MEASUREMENT ) The color of light is measured by its wave length: the pitch of sound is measured by its frequency. (A)
  11. (DEGREE OF INTENSITY) Being austere (meaning bare) is a heightened form of being plain: being sterile (meaning free from bacteria or other micro-organisms) is a heightened form of being clean. The pairs (neutral, detached); (deserted, barren) and (eloquent, talkative) are mere synonyms.) (B)
  12. (CAUSE AND EFFECT) When discomposed (meaning disturbed in composure) one loses one’s equanimity (meaning calmness); when unbalanced, one loses one’s equilibrium (meaning mental or emotional peace). (D)
  13. (CAUSE AND EFFECT) A surface that is riddled ( meaning pierced or perforated) develops holes; a surface that is pitted (meaning marked with depressions) develops indentations (meaning depressions). (D)
  14. (THING AND PURPOSED) A bastion (meaning the projecting part of a fortification) is a structure used for defense; an arsenal (meaning a place used for storing arms and ammunitions) is a building used for storage. (A) Choice (E) is given to trip you because you may think that there is some connection between ‘defense’ and ‘fortification’ and wrongly choose it as the answer)
  15. (DEFINITION) A relapse (meaning getting back an illness) is a setback on convalescence (meaning the process of returning to health and strength); a recidivism (meaning returning to criminal habits) is a setback on rehabilitation. (D)
  16. (THING AND PURPOSE) The purpose of a vault (meaning a steel structure where valuables are kept) is to protect from theft; the purpose of a fort is to protect from aggression. (A)
  17. (DEGREEE OF INTENSITY ) Coma is an intensified state of unconsciousness; delirium (meaning state of uncontrolled excitement or emotion) is an intensified state of confusion. (B)
  18. (CAUSE AND EFFECT) A speckled surface has a number of spots; a striated surface has a number grooves. (E)
  19. (DESIRABLE AND UNESIRABLE FORMS OF A QUALITY) Being a lackey (meaning a servile follower ) is an undesirable form of a being a dependent; being a groveler (meaning a person who abases himself for a favour ) is an undesirable form of being a petitioner. (B)
  20. (THING AND PURPOSE ) A sedative act as an aid to sleep; a mnemonic (such as VIBGYOR, a a word made of the first letters of the sequential colors of the rainbow) acts as an aid to memory. (B)