Q1. The people (a)/of the world (b)/must (c)/unite (d)/No error (e)

Q2. Monika met me (a)/on the way (b)/and asked a one (c)/hundred rupees note (d)/No error (e)

Q3. Hundreds of (a)/passer-bys (b)/stopped at (c)/the place of accident. (d)/No error (e)

Q4. My parents obtained (a)/many informations (b)/ about this child (c)/last night. (d)/No error (e)

Q5. One should use (a)/ spectacle to protect (b)/ the eyes from bright sunlight. (d)/ No error (e)

Q6. Rani together with her parents (a)/went to the market (b)/and brought (c)/a lot of handkerchieves. (d)/No error (e)

Q7. Thousand of people (a)/had already been killed (b)/in the accident (c)/near Railway crossing. (d)/No error (e)

Q8. We will find a lamp-post (a)/at the front (b)/ side of the (c)/institute. (d)/No error (e)

Q9. Sunrise (a)/is a (b)/great (c)/ phenomena. (d)/ No error (e) Q10. Arabian nights are (a)/collection of very (b)/ interesting episodes (c)/of Adventure (d)/No error (e)

Q11. Ten kilometers (a)/is a long distance (b)/but five years (c)/are not a long period. (d)/No error (e)

Q12. There was (a)/ no money in the bank (b)/in Dhananjay’s (c)/ and Mintunjay’s joint account.  (d)/ No error (e)

Q13. Sachin Tendulkar has (a)/scored more than (b)/ five thousands (c)/ runs. (d)/No error (e)

Q14. I went to the house (a)/and found that (b)/the cart’s wheel (c)/ was broken. (d)/No error (e)

Q15. The same board (a)/is used (b)/for chess (c) as well as for draughts. (d)/No error (e)

Q16. All the children have (a)/assembled on the (b)/and are waiting for (c)/the Principal to come. (d)/No error

Q18. I have been (a)/living in Hyderabad (b)/at my uncle (c)/since my birth. (d)/No error

Q17. His company is (a)/one of the few company(b)/ manufacturing this product (c)/in the whole country. (d)/No error (e) Q18. I have been (a)/living in Hyderabad (b)/at my uncle (c)/since my birth. (d)/No error

Q19. Gandhi ji lived a noble life of fasting (a)/and poverty (b)/in order to work for peaceful (c)/ and independence. (d)/No error (E)

Q20. A large number of (a)/ her classmate called for (b)/the hospital when (c)/ she was there. (d)/ No error (e)

Q21. A few word (a)/gratitude are enough (b)/to express your (c)/feelings sincerely. (d)/No error

Q22. No other (a)/typists in this (b)/office is as (c)/ slow as she. (d)/No error (e)

Q23. I have read (a)/Tagor’s poems (b)/who is a great poet. (c)/No error(d)

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