Test Series

RRB NTPC Mock Test – 14

1. This Booklet contains 100 questions in all comprising the following four parts: Part – I : General Awareness [40 Questions] Part – II : General Intelligence & Reasoning [30 Questions] Part – III : Quantitative Aptitude [30 Questions]

2.All questions are compulsory and carry two mark each.

3. Before you start to answer the questions you must check this Booklet and ensure that it contains all the pages (1-11) and see that no page is missing or repeated. If you find any defect in this Booklet, you must get it replaced immediately.

4. For every wrong answer 1/3 marks will be deducted from total marks you get.

5. You will be provided the Answer-Sheet separately by the Invigilator. You must complete the details of Ticket Number,Roll Number and Test Form Number on Side-I of the Answer-Sheet carefully before you actually start answering the questions. You must also put your signature on the Answer-Sheet at the prescribed place. These instructions must be fully complied with, failing which your AnswerSheet will not be evaluated and you will be awarded ‘Zero’ mark.

6.Questions of English Medium will be considered for evaluation in case if differs in Hindi Medium.

7. Answers must be shown by completely blackening the corresponding rectangles on Side-II of the Answer-Sheet against the relevant question number by black/blue ball pen only. Answers which are not shown by black/blue ball pen will not be awarded any mark.

8. The Answer-Sheet must be handed over to the Invigilator before you leave the Examination Hall.

9. Failure to comply with any of the above instructions will render a candidate liable to such action/Penalty as way be deemed fit.

10. The manner in which the different questions are to be answered has been explained in the OMR sheet from which you should read carefully before answering the questions.

11. Answer the questions as quickly and as carefully as you can. Some questions may be difficult and others easy. Do not spend too much time on any question.

12. No Rough Work is to be done on the Answer-Sheet. Space for rough work has been provided at the back of the booklet.