Looking to Polish your English Speaking skills – Enroll now to do so with Rujuta Kambli

Why we need to polish upon speaking in English?

Is it really important to know how to speak in English – to understand English – to communicate in English..?

Yes my dear friends and students – along with your skills and technical ability it is important for one to know English. It is also considered as – Fluency in speaking English is directly proportional in increased salaries.

Expressing and articulating in English attracts better opportunities and job openings.

Thousands of graduates are forced to work on frontline sales, customer services, call centers, and even as delivery professionals. they understand the fact that they can earn well and this too because of believing that fluency in speaking English can achieve a professional upgrade. so if you are one of them do enroll to polish your skills.


Syllabus of English Speaking Course

  1. Listening: Listening to texts, listening to CDs, Trials of a good listener
  2. The Pronunciation: Phonetic Symbols consonants & Vowels with illustrations in use
  3. Listening & Comprehension: Interpretation of texts based on the question-answer. Interaction among students
  4. Reading Skills: Techniques of reading. Reading comprehension of unseen pages, identifying the context & the central idea
  5. Vocabulary & word formation: From different texts & dictionary
  6. Basic Grammar: Prescriptive/descriptive approaches grammaticality – acceptability –appropriateness-grammar in context- grammar in spoken & written
  7. Practice: Exercise on different grammatical constructions, Identification of the grammatical devices forms different texts like newspapers, poems, stories, etc.
  8. Words & phrases used for conversation: Making statements, questions, order & suggestions – denying –rejecting-disagreeing-possibility-ability, permission, obligations, etc.
  9. Dialogues
  10. Public speech
  11. Telephonic Conversation
  12. PRE JOB TRANING – Additional Section
  13. Listening & Reading Comprehension /Telephonic skill(oral communication & listening Practice)
  14. Interview Specific activities in writing skills.
  15. Writing Business letter
  16. Writing Minutes
  17. Circulars
  18. Writing Application for Jobs.
  19. CV Writing
Live English Speaking Course by Rujuta Kambli