Shorthand –Speed Writers

  • Keep on revising grammalogues and contractions from time to time .
  • Do one transcription daily .
  • The daily transcription needs to be done as a test with full preparedness –Keep 2-3 sharp pencils ready before writing . It is always better to type the transcription on computer and keep a physical copy for record and for measuring the improvement .Check it thoroughly and circle the mistake with different colour pan.
  • Go through all the mistake as so to understand as to why these have happened . Practice all the difficult words and phrases adequately and the r-write the same passage minimum 3-4 times at the same speed and higher speeds.
  • Make a register of phrases which you like or you need to revise from time to time. These would be helpful for practicing before any skill exam.
  • Focus on accuracy and not speed.
  • Avoid the use of pen until you acquire a very high speed and are able to transcribe the unseen matter with good accuracy.