Structure of a window

Since the window parts of many of the window based application software are common, this makes a person to understand and memories faster. You will see that the button to maximize or to minimize always appear on the right top corner in all the windows. Similarly the menu bar, the title bar, the control menu bar also appears at the same place for all the windows. This way if you get familiar to one window, you will get familiar with the other windows too as the meaning for each of the similar buttons remains the same. Depending upon the type of application all windows, however, may not have every element.

For the sake of simplicity certain parts, such as title bar and menu bar, are common for most of the windows.

Control-menu bar: It is in the upper-left corner of each window. Clicking on the Control – menu box opens the control menu. The Control menu can be used to move, size, and close a window while working with the  keyboard.

Title Bar: It shows the name of the application, document, or a folder name.

Menu Bar: It lists the available menus. A menu contains a list of actions or commands.

Scroll Bars: They are used to move through document or a list when the entire document or list does not fit in the window.

Maximise button: Clicking this button using the mouse enlarges the active window so that it fills the entire desktop.

Minimise button: Clicking this button reduces the window to an icon and arranges it to desktop. Minimizing the application window does not quit the application.

Restore button: The Maximize button is replaced by Restore button after the window is enlarged. Clicking this button returns the window to  its previous size.

Window Border: It is the outside edge of the window. The window can be resized by lengthening or shortening the border.

Insertion Point: It is flashing vertical bar that marks the place where text or graphics are to appear on typing or drawing

Mouse Pointer:  An arrow used for pointing items. It appears if the mouse is installed  on the system.

Client Area: Area inside the window which is under the application control.

Task Bar: The task bar contains the Start button, which is used quickly start program or to find a file. It is also the fastest way to get help. By default, the task bar and start menu are always visible when windows is running.