Practice Set -1 Noun & Number Common Error

Directions (Q. 1-20): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (E), i.e. ‘No error’. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q.1 One of the problem (A)/ with you (B)/ is that you do not (C)/ come in time. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.2 All the girls students (A)/ of the college are advised (B)/ to sit in the(C)/ girls’ common room. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.3 The majority of the woman (A)/ teachers are persuading (B)/ the principal to consider (C)/ their demands. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.4 He said that (A)/ he always kept in his pocket (B)/ a bundle of one hundred (C)/ rupees notes. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.5 He gave me (A)/ two important informations (B)/ I had been waiting for (C)/ the previous two Month (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.6 The class teacher (A)/ gave him a home work (B)/ and instructed him to do it (C)/ at night. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.7 I saw only (A)/ five police who (B)/ were running after (C)/ the bank robbers. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.8 The wall of this magnificent (A)/ building is (B)/ fifty foot high and its paintings (C)/ are very striking (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.9 Wordsworth’s poetries (A)/ is characterized by his subtle description (B)/ of the beauty and liveliness (C)/ of nature. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.10 When you see his (A)/ offsprings, you can’t (B)/ believe that he is (C)/ above seventy.(D)/ No Error(E)

Q.11 When he returned (A)/ from America, informed me (B)/ that he had come here (C)/ to do an urgent work. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.12 The issues are (A)/ very complex and the problem (B)/ is that they are bound to be obscured (C)/ by these hypocritical politician. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.13 These type of books (A)/ are certainly helpful to the students (B)/ preparing for the banking service(C)/ Examinations. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.14 “I have never seen (A)/ such as lovely spectacles (B)/ in my life”, said (C)/ the passer-by.(D)/ No Error (E)

Q.15 Owing to his heavy engagement, (A)/ he could not write even the two-third (B)/ of the book which (C)/the publication was expected before January. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.16 It is harmful (A)/ to take cupful (B)/ of tea (C)/ five times a day. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.17 The brethrens (A)/ of this locality are always (B)/ at daggers dawn without any (C)/ apparent reason(D)/ No Error (E)

Q.18 The sceneries (A)/ of Kashmir is more beautiful (B)/ than that of (C)/ Darjeeling. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.19 He has ordered (A)/ bricks (B)/ for the proposed (C)/ hotel and bar. (D)/ No Error (E)

Q.20 He does not (A)/ cut paper with (B)/ blade, but (C)/ with scissor. (D)/ No Error (E)


1. A   2. A   3. A   4. D   5. B   6. B   7. B   8. C   9. A   10. B   11. D   12. E   13. A   14. B   15. B   16. B   17. A   18. A   19. B   20. D


1. Substitute plural noun problems for problem.
2. Substitute Girl students for girls students.
3. Substitute Women for Woman.
4. Substitute rupee for rupees. (one hundred rupee notes)
5. Substitute information for informations (information is singular uncountable noun and a/an never used before singular uncountable noun).
6. Substitute home work for a home work.
7. Substitute policeman for police ( the police uncountable noun but police man countable noun)
8. Substitute feet for foot (foot of feet are plural).
9. Substitute pieces of poetry or poems for poetries.
10. Substitute offspring for offsprings.
11. Substitute urgent work for an urgent work
12. No error
13. Substitute types for type (these, those, certain etc are adjective its come after plural noun)
14. Substitute spectacle for spectacles (here spectacle means scenes which singular uncountable noun. e.g. what a beautiful spectacle! = what a beautiful sight)
15. Substitute two-thirds for two-third(one-third is singular but two thirds, three-fourths are plural).
16. Substitute cupfuls (plural form) for cupsful (meaning less)
17. Substitute brethren for brethrens (brethren are plural which means brothers)\
18. Substitute scenery for sceneries.
19. Substitute pieces of brick for bricks
20. Substitute scissors for scissor (two part of instruments are always plural)

Singular uncountable noun:- news, information, advice, work, scenery, pottery, imagery, Poetry, stationary etc with all nouns which never used to before a/an and after s/es.

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