Editing text (Edit)

Edit text includes selecting, deselecting, deleting, inserting, replacing text, which are described in this subsections:

  1. Selecting text: You can select text by dragging over the text to select it, as well as clicking actions. The actions you perform depend on what you want to do.
  2. Deleting Text: Text can by deleted by using either the “Delete” or “Backspace” keys. Delete removes single characters to the right of the cursor, while   backspace removes single characters to the left.
  3. Inserting Text: place the mouse pointer where you want to being inserting text. Click the Mouse button to move the insertion point to the desired locations.
  4. Replacing Text: To Replace text:
  • Select the text to be removed
  • Start typing the new text
  • The selected text will be removed and the new text accommodated


Cut (ctrl+x), Copy (ctrl+c)  & Paste (ctrl+v)

If a portion of the text is to be moved to a different place, select the text to be moved and then use the cut option in the edit menu. The selected text will be copied to the clipboard in windows. Now the Paste option is enabled in the Edit menu. To Paste the text that is in the Clipboard at some position in the document, place the cursor at the starting point of the insertion and choose Edit-> Paste. The Text will be pasted there.

Typing Special Characters (Symbols)

MS- Word supports a set of special characters and symbols, which cannot be entered through the keyboard. To insert these specials characters choose Insert-> Symbol. The dialog box of all available symbols is displayed for respective fonts.

Some Common Features ( Upper Case & Lower Case)

The “Change Case” command in the “ Format” menu allow you to change the case of the characters in text without having to retype them.

Justifying text

 Justification determine the way text is aligned with respect to the margins. The default for word is left justification, which aligns text to the left margin. You can change the justification of text by using the justification buttons on the toolbar from left to right they are:

  1. Left- Justifies text on the left margin;
  2. Center- Centers all lines of text;
  3. Right – Justifies text on the right margin;
  4. Justify- Justifies text on both left and right margins;


Finding and Replacing ( Ctrl + F)

Ms- Word provides some excellent features as Find and Replace, which may be used for a number of tasks, with high flexibility, using these features it is possible to find a specific text in a document, search for a particular pattern of text etc.

Spelling Checker

Spell checker is one of the powerful features of MS- Word. It also provides to check the spellings of the entire document including the header, footer and hidden text. Adding words to the dictionary is possible.

To retain the word, choose Ignore and to ignore the change at all its occurrences in the document choose Ignore All.

To change the word, choose Change and to change the word at all its occurrences in the document choose Change All.

Checking Grammar

During a grammar check, Word identifies sentences that conatin possible grammatical or stylish errors and suggests improvements. For example, if you wrote “The Project were completed by your team”. Word could question the grammar, first for subject- verb agreement and then for passive voice. Word also question style errors, such  as wordiness and the use of clichés.