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Announcement – English Speaking Batch starting on 1st August 2021

Friends, Students and Parents,

Very warm welcome to all – In the situation of Covid 19, We have some time which we can successfully give for building our own self and on the same lines we are announcing the next batch of ENGLISH SPEAKING on 1st August 2021

We majorly focus on the basic methods to understanding, listening and speaking ENGLISH.

Focus is given and provided on easy tricks to speak with immediate thinking and speaking correctly.

Along with the same we look on Individual confidence building, communication and presentation skills.

Guidance is provided on Day to day phrases and occasions – also interview preparation.

The course validity is available through app – EXAM INSIGHT application for an year

On live lectures will run on alternate days.

English Speaking Batch starting on 1st August 2021 at 8pm on Exam Insight Application – Install from Playstore

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