Adjective Common Error Set-1

1) In spite of facing (A)/ much problems, he did not (B)/ desert the path (C)/ of honesty. (D)/
No Error (E)
2) Can you tell me how (A)/ many eggs and (B)/ milk he has brought (C)/ home? (D)/ No Error(E)
3) He did not (A)/ like to lend me (B)/ any book (C)/ or any money (D)/ No Error(E)
4) Her black long (A)/ hairs adds (B)/ glamour to (C)/ her looks (D)/ No Error(E)
5) This book is (A)/ undoubtedly preferable than (B)/ that in many respects and its printing (C)/ is also
comparatively good. (D)/ No Error (E)
6) of the two (A)/ players, he (B)/ is the luckiest (C)/ be sure.(D)/ No Error(E)
7) You can trust (A)/ this agency (B)/ for the last news (C)/ of this week. (D)/ No Error(E)
8) Everybody knows (A)/ that Karishma (B)/ is most unique (C)/ actress of this college.(D)/ No Error(E)
9) She was curious to (A)/ know that it was that made (B)/ him stronger (C)/ and braver than any man
of this village. (D)/ No Error (E)
10) A lots of Books (A)/ on English grammar are available (B)/ in the market but(C)/ this one is best.(D)/
No Error(E)