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Rujuta Kambli

Academically qualified
B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication ,
Masters of Science Information Technology
Achievement & Affiliations :
1) Copyright holder – Copyrights Office, Govt. of India on a Health care Conceptualization – E-Health for citizens using Cloud Computing
2) Govt Certified Counselor, NIESBUD, Ministry of Skill Development, Govt. of India
3) Working at Tata Trusts as an IT Consultant
4) Affiliated with Parle Tilak Vidyalaya – Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship as an IT Consultant (Resource – Mentor)
5) Indoor Plantation, Founder and Owner – Small business on an Idea of Spreading the Greens and contributing for our Better living
6) Air Rifle Shooter – NRAI
7) Sailor – Represented Nationally and won several medals (National – Gold & Bronze) and several others.

Enthusiast to guide, motivate and inspire young minds towards the path of progress, finding ways to self-develop and spread their wings.

Conducts Self-development sessions with self-curated modules such as Train your Brain, Time management, Planning, Implementing and evaluating methods for building individual strength and capacity; And also Career counseling and guidance.

Career Counselling, Self-development & Personality development sessions for –

All ages Youngsters, Students, Enthusiasts in self-building, Personality development, Skill development, working professionals and also home makers.

Self-development is needed irrespective of which and what profession you belong too.

It is equally important for a student to any age of person.

Need and advantages –

  • Every individual needs the vision setting and it is a primary requirement.
  • Helps us to learn new possibilities and develop interests.
  • Motivates and inspires us to do more and keep going.
  • Helps to plan and implement our goals.
  • Helps to figure out our own strength and capabilities.
  • Helps setting goals and working effectively to achieve it.
  • Helps to identify self-qualities, creativeness, and caliber.
  • Teaches to adhere good and positive habits.
  • Helps to have mental levels stabilized and get keep it maintained and energetic.

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